Two times a month we will have a L4A call and a live webinar for the agents to call in on and received up to date training tips and ideas that can be used in any market around the country. We will go over the system that we have put in place in order for you to be successful. We are very confident in our product and encourage each and every one of you to log on using the number and pin provided in order to hear what is working and what isn't from your peers throughout the country.

 L4A is committed to making sure you are prepared to handle any and all objections properly and in a timely manner so your potential clients are confident they are hiring the right person. Along with our services we want to make sure that those agents who put their confidence in us know that we are a part of their team and always looking to grow and add value to their business. It truly doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned agent of one who is just starting their business, a plan of action is crucial to success.


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