1.Do I need to make the calls myself?

No, our trained telemarketers will setup listing appointment


2.Will the seller absolutely list the house with me?

NO, we only assist in setup listing appointments, it’s your job to sign the deal.


3.Does my broker of record have to sign agreement also?

Any marketing an agent engages in the broker of record should be aware of.

There are no long term contracts of any kind – Month to month services only.


4.Does Listings 4 Agents gather the seller leads for me?

Yes, as long as you update our team with the information we request .

Without information requested we will not be able to contact any of your leads and prospects at all.


5.How will I know when I have a listing appointment?

Depending on the way you wanted to be contacted.

Email or google calendar along with telemarketers will transfer a live call to you with the prospect on the phone.


6.Webinars will be set up 2 times a month for our education and success ?

Yes , we will be offering training 2 times a month .

You must be able to log on with a computer and phone to see and hear what is being offer in our training.


7.The only fee we have to pay is $499.00 monthly ?

Correct we offer all our services for on low price to make sure everyone can afford doing business with L4A.


8.What is the catch ?

Be successful, Tell a friend


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